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Alex and Brett

Columbus, OH, United States

-Brett and I worked in public accounting together at GBQ Partners. Our cubes were right across from each other and what started out as a teasing friendship for years eventually turned into us dating and getting engaged!

-There's so many things that make our relationship unique. Brett and I have a very similar sense of humor and personality that we connect on so many different levels. I think what we originally bonded over was our passion and past with college athletics. Brett played football at Cornell University and I golfed at Loyola University Chicago. There's always a natural bond and level of respect among past/present college athletes. Brett has now switched his athletic focus to the golf course where we play together all the time. Being able to share a lifetime family sport with one another like golf is really special. If we're not on the golf course we are usually cooking or trying new restaurants because we are huge foodies and love our wine.

-I think I knew Brett was the one pretty early on in the relationship. We have so much fun together and share so many of the same values that there was never an aha! moment. It was more so seeing how much I loved him and realizing I didn't want to do life without him.

-About the engagement: My family has a place in Kiawah Island, SC where I've been going to my whole life. We spend every 4th of July down there. The night before we left for our trip, we did one of our newly developed quarantine routines where we get a cocktail and go on a walk around Grandview Yard where I live (thanks covid). Brett suggested we do this as a kickoff to vacation. I assumed this was just like any of our other 'covid' walks. It ended up being about 95 degrees and we cut through parking garages to cool off because we were so sweaty haha. As we ended our walk Brett was making small talk saying how he doesn't think he was forgetting to do or pack anything before vacation. I started listing off anything he might have forgotten and he goes "oh I know!" then gets down on one knee and says "I forgot to ask....will you marry me?". It was such a surprise and I pretty much blacked out overwhelmed with emotion and it couldn't have been more perfect. Some of our siblings and their significant others showed up at that moment and surprised us with champagne and confetti cannons. We celebrated that night and then flew off to Kiawah and celebrated our engagement the entire week!

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